I can’t stop thinking about getting to Dodger Stadium & Los Angeles


Now that I’ve returned from out west and Las Vegas; it’s a new obsession I’m drawn to. My next trip out west is going to be to Los Angeles and Dodger Stadium, so I can cross the number one item off my bucket list. I want to see where this went down.

When I get out there – and it will most likely be next summer – I want to go to two Dodgers games. I want to rent a car and see West Hollywood, Venice Beach, The Valley, the LA Coliseum, the LAPD Headquarters, and cruise down Imperial Highway and I-405 (where the O.J. chase went down).

I want to go through Crenshaw and Compton where Boyz n the Hood was filmed. I want to take a full professional tour of Dodger Stadium. I want to see Yasiel Puig hit a couple jacks into the Los Angeles night in his second season in the big leagues.

Honestly, LA seems like some kind of far off fantasy land that doesn’t even really exist until I see it for my own eyes. Once I get out there and get back in one piece with a story to tell, I can officially die a happy man. Getting to Dodger Stadium has always been number one on my sports bucket list. Even ahead of Shea Stadium and Wrigley Field.