The 4th of July is a Holiday for America and it’s Game


Every year, this is when the game seems to be at it’s apex. It’s center stage, and plus there’s no better holiday in the world then maybe Christmas and Thanksgiving; and those are a lifetime away right now.

One thing I love about today – and have always loved about the Fourth holiday – is that MLB makes sure there is baseball on from 11 am this morning (the Nationals and Brewers square off in about 10 minutes) until you lay down to go to sleep tonight.

I remember a few short years ago; basically half my life time ago actually, me and the neighborhood fellas would congregate in my parents front yard around 10 am on the fourth. We would play yardball all day long until we dissipated only because our parents made us get ready to do whatever each family had planned for the day. It reminded me of a classic scene in a movie we’ve all watched (2:18 mark):

For Benjamin Franklin Rodriguez, baseball was life.

Even if you’re on a diet, eat a few hot dogs today. Try to sneak off and catch a few pitches of a game; if for nothing else, because it’s American. Even if you have to return to work tomorrow like I do, it’s only one day and you can get through one day of anything. So if you’re of age feel free to drink a few Budweiser heavy’s, that’s American too!

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