Game 44, 2013: Phillies 3, Reds 2


[Box Score]

I was just thinking yesterday in the beginning stages of the game about how there are so many baseball games in the average person’s lifetime that the events start to bleed into one another. Small details are forgotten. Each game across time represents a grain of sand on a beach which is your baseball lifetime.

Yesterday’s grain of sand was a very dark hue. Let yesterday be remembered here forever as the day delicious Dominican pastries were the demise of our closer.

Seriously though; I was ready to announce the Reds as the best team in baseball after 44 games until Chapman blew this one.

I returned home from giving my in-laws a tour around Columbus, Ohio to see Jay Bruce getting full extension on a ball. Here’s video on him flying out one to centerfield. This was a bomb, his fifth of the season.

From there the Reds would tack on another run in the sixth inning on a Todd Frazier double. I was starting to doze off and already had this one counted in the win column. And then it all fell apart just a short time later.

But Erik Kratz (as a pinch hitter) and Freddie Freaking Galvis? Really? These are the two guys who become the first tandem to homer off Aroldis Chapman in the same game? What world is this?