The Bryce Harper ESPN Documentary “Bryce Begins” Debuts Tonight

Bryce Harper

When you’re one calendar year into your big league career, and you have a made for ESPN documentary film about you; it’s safe to say you’ve arrived at the big time.

Tonight at 9:00 ET on ESPN, “Bryce Begins” will air. The film features combed over clips of hundreds of hours of behind-the-scenes footage of Harper’s time with the Washington Nationals. Luckily for us, filmmaker Jess Atkinson spent time with Harper and his family in different cities around the United States. The documentary features interviews with Harper’s teammates, Cal Ripken, Mike Trout, and Harper’s father Ron.

This isn’t an official 30 for 30 film, but the ‘Worldwide Leader’ is trying to tell the masses that this is the closest look you’ve had so far of the generational player of your era (especially if you’re under 35 years of age).

This presentation will overlap with the last hour of the 7:00 games tonight, so make sure you have your DVR’s set to record. The nation is about to become a lot more interested in Bryce Harper than it was before, if you can believe that.