The one where Vlad Guerrero plays Dominoes with a gun-wielding man in a Dominican Hut


This picture is indeed an artifact of sorts. Special thanks goes out to our friend Detroit Stars for tracking down this special request.

You will not find this picture of legend residing anywhere else on the internet, and the internet is a very large and scary place. Here we witness one of the greatest ballplayers of the modern era likely playing a game of dominoes that his life was riding on. Directly behind him, an amigo enjoys some paella. The contestant sitting clockwise to Vlad has a pistol in his lap. The man across from the former Expos star is tipping a bottle of something, waiting for Vlad to finish his move.

I remember one night as a youngster watching Baseball Tonight. Vlad Guerrero picked a ball up on the warning track (I think it was in Colorado, but it might have been in that old Canadian dome). Guerrero fired a strike that didn’t hop to home plate or third base and nailed the runner. Not only did this man have 40/40 skill, and lay dominoes with Dominican murderers; but he had one of the best arms I’ve ever seen in the outfield.

We don’t talk enough about Vladimir Guerrero on this blog. Carry on.