Rank Relief: A double dose at Wrigley

Rank Relief 4.12.13

When you see a rank relief post you always have a good chance of the Cubs being involved – usually the bad side.  Well today they played both parts.  The Cubs were looking at a 2-0 victory if they could hold off the Giants in the top of the 9th.  Well Kyuji Fujikawa would have none of that.  Cubs fans may have thought they got rid of this kind of thing with Carlos Marmol.  History and a goat’s head says otherwise.  Here’s what Fujikawa did:

Rank Relief2 4.12.13

One inning, 3 runs.  Not what you want out of your new closer.

But remember this is a double dose of rank relief.  Sergio Romo was also feeling generous today.  Trying to capitalize on the second save chance of the game he entered in the bottom of the 9th.

Rank Relief3  4.12.13

Details of how Romo gave up the save and the win and moved Fujikawa from the loss to the win column.  The best part is giving up a home run to Dioner Navarro.  Baseball is funny sometimes.

Rank Relief4  4.12.13