Chris Davis goes the eff off in the first week of the season

It’s always nice when your team or favorite player starts the year off hot.  I know fans off Mark Texiera have never experienced this, but trust me, it’s a good feeling.  If you are in the Chris Davis fan club (est. 2007 in Longview, TX, membership: 43) you had one hell of a week.  Davis, often maligned for his high K rate, absolutely exploded this week on opposing pitching.  His .455 is amazing but not really worth discussing since it’s such a small sample size.  Chris Davis hit 4 home runs this week.  That’s pretty amazing.  He already has 12% of his previous high, 33, home runs in the bag.  But I don’t know if that’s even quite that impressive.  Michael Morse and Justin Upton both it 5 home runs this week.  Josh Hamilton hit 4 in one game last year.  The number that stands out the most is his 17 RBI.  That’s and average of almost 3 per game.  That’s not bad.  Consider he is already halfway to the record for most RBI in April.  The most RBI in a month (since 1900) is 53 by Joe DiMaggio.  I don’t think he’ll get there, but even having an early shot is amazing.  Chris Davis is 27 this season and has always been a promising power prospect.  He is getting the chance to play every day on the Orioles so an improvement in performance isn’t unexpected, but nothing like this.  If Davis can keep the average between .265 and .280 and cut down on the Ks, he could easily be the best offensive player on the Orioles this year.  Likely, maybe not, but April baseball is all about the possibility.  Enjoy the 6 game logs:

Chris  Davis 4.7.13