Bryce Harper is…..good: Belts two home runs on Opening Day

Bryce Harper

I figured it was about time for someone else on here to sing the praises of young Bryce Harper.  Maybe the best young player in the majors (apologies to Mike Trout fans) started off the season, in which many have predicted any NL MVP award, by taking Richard Nolasco deep twice.  The first came on a 1-0 count and a 73 MPH curve ball.  It’s been noted that Bryce Harper received a steady diet of breaking balls last year and handled them fairly well.  The second was in the 4th inning and came on a full count and another breaking pitch.  This time an 85 MPH slider.  We should note that this is Richard Nolasco and he has not been a model of efficiency, but it’s still impressive.  There is a ton of pressure on this kid and he just nuts up and delivers.  So now Harper is hitting .500 with 2 home runs and a 2.500 OPS.  That’ll do…that’ll do.

Bryce Harper hits 2 homeruns