Trevor Bauer regresses….on the mic









Trevor Bauer looked really good in the media just days ago when he deflected Miguel Montero’s blast about Bauer not taking any of Montero’s sage advice.  But alas, the PR boost was not meant to last.  Bauer’s rap group, consumate4sight, released a track called “You Don’t Know Me”.

One of the iron clad rules of sports:  If you release a rap album/song/anything like that, things are not going to go well.  (unless you are Ron Artest)  There are some dumb lyrics to the song that may or nay not refer to Montero.  Bauer says it’s not about him, which I tend to believe because the song came out too soon after Montero’s comments.  Whatever happened, Bauer and Montero are no longer on the same team and they don’t have to make grumpy faces at each other while they toss.  At least we got to hear from a budding rap baseball star.

H/T to Deadspin: Is Trevor Bauer’s Terrible New Rap Song A Diss Track Directed At Miguel Montero?