A Great Quote by Bryce Harper shows why we Love Bryce Harper


Bryce Harper is already issuing gems for today’s diehard fan, he’s 230 pounds and he’s ready to wreck baseballs. This quote caught our eye, and it’s why we’ve loved Harper from the start. You know he means it when he says:

“I’m still 20,” he said. “I’m still young. I’m going to treat every guy on our team with respect, going to treat every guy in the other dugout with respect. I’m still that young guy out there. I’m still going to play the same game I play.”

And now the gem:

“Go out there and give 120%, play hurt, sick, on my death bed,” he said. “Go out there and work hard, play the game the right way, change nothing.”

He goes on to talk about his personal goals that he would rather not share and how autograph seekers aren’t necessarily fans. But nothing in the article tops that quote or goes further to illustrate to you how Harper’s baseball compass is aligned.

Unless this guy murders someone, there’s a good chance he could end up our favorite athlete of all time, of all time! OF ALL TIME!