Keep your eye out at the next garage sale













Next time you are perusing around a garage sale or yard sale or estate sale or wherever else old things might be for sale, look for some old album or book or stack of card and you might end up like this guy.  Some guy from Maine bought a bunch of junk from a yard and ended up with a baseball card with $92,000.  The card is from 1865, which (if my math is correct) is really freaking old.  This is before the Cincinnati Red Stockings were the first professional baseball team.  $92,00 isn’t bad for a stroll through some junk and some crude recognition of what might be valuable.  Now granted, the auction house probably took 30%, (things I learn from watching Pawn Stars) but it’s enough to take our recommendation and buy Premium.  Maybe even for a few of your friends.

I collected baseball cards for a while when I was a kid, but I was on the tail end of the phenomenon and never really got too into it.  I do have a couple Ken Griffey Jr. cards which are probably worth shit, but I like to pretend they aren’t.