Long Live Drew Stubbs

Anyone who has spent time following the Reds since 2010 knows the immense frustration and hopelessness that Drew Stubbs has provided us with. The roller coaster ride really settled this year and the thought was no longer about Stubbs not reaching the supposed superstardom some scouts saw possible when he was drafted in the 1st round out of Texas.

Reds fans simply wondered if this guy was going to be DFA’d, benched, or worse; continue to play regularly and end up hitting .210 for year.

I’m not sure if Drew Stubbs has collected two bigger hits than the two he’s had in the 9th inning the last two nights off his former teammate Francisco Cordero. Stubbs is a microcosm of what makes the 2012 Reds so great: they get it done ugly at times but they more often than not get it done.

Even if Stubbs never develops into the All-Star that so many of my friends who like the Reds thought he would be (my buddy who coaches regularly refers to Stubbs as a “high-ass”. It’s a coaching term.) he’s provided us with a few clutch moments in situations of high drama. That’s an ingredient that every championship caliber team needs.

My expectations with Stubbs became tampered long ago after I had seen him wave through three pitches quicker than I could fetch ice cubes for my drink. But I still think the guy can be a key cog in the wheel of the 2012 Reds, which is all we really need him for anyways.