2012 MLB All-Star Game

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-It wasn’t a banner All Star debut for Bryce Harper. Still, the gold cleats and a couple mighty hacks off Jered Weaver and company was good to see. VIDEO

-Chipper Jones walked off into the sunset with his single and his win. His pre-game speech was a memorable one, the NL clearly dominated for Chipper.

-Mike Trout singled, walked, stole a couple of bags in his AS Game debut. He’s unbelievable. Good read from the OC Register if you have time. Great read from Baseball Prospectus about Trout v. Harper debate that you might as well give a whirl to. Video of the pre-game presser available too.

-Quiet night for all Cincinnati Reds involved in the game.

-Even quieter night for Adam Dunn, the only regular not to appear in the game. When I read this, I realized possible reasons why.

Baseball is doing something right: