Hitter Tombstone: ‘Here lies K-Stanzo, an .056 hitter’

We’re going to begin a new semi-annual series here at Diamond Hoggers. When a big league hitter takes what we would guess is his last at-bat of his Major League career, we’ll run one of these bad boys. So who gets laid to rest for good today? Reds not so super-sub Mike Costanzo.

I really think Mike Costanzo’s purpose in life was to become the whipping boy of my buddies for a few weeks in time in this 2012 early summer. Costanzo is 28 years old, and went 1 for 18 in his stint in his big league pile of sugar.

The Reds optioned Costanzo today. As one of my friends said ‘about time’. When we look back on the 2012 Reds season stats, he’s replaced Willie Harris as that one guy who will really stand out and have you wondering how the Hell he stole away 20 plate appearances from capable big league hitters. There’s one on every team, every season.

I’m going to miss the guy who has become affectionately known as ‘K-stanzo’ (he found a way to rack up 10 of them in limited duty with ease). Not because I think he can actually play; but because I’ll miss texts like these from some of my best friends who share in the nightly emotions of Reds season with me. After the jump to see texts.