Bryce Harper’s first Walk-off hit

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While I watched the Miami Heat choke it away last night on TV, I had this game on my computer. I’m glad I did, because it provided a little baseball history.

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This was one of those really weird games where the baseball Gods were just determined to have their way. It seemed like the Mets delivered the death blow in the 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th innings. Instead, the Nationals just kept getting chances and when Harper came up to the plate with the bases juiced and two out in the 12th, you knew high drama was around the corner.

I was hoping to see something like a walk-off grand slam. With the way Mets reliever Elvin Ramirez was throwing, I was pretty certain that the game would end on something anti-climactic like a bases-loaded walk.

Instead there was a happy medium: a nice piece of hitting that resulted in a soft line drive to the opposite field.

The Nats are a team on a mission right now and Harper is providing the electricity. If you watched how the Mets continually let victory slip through their fingers, you start to realize that things like that only happen to teams like the 2012 Nationals who are putting together a special little season here. The win allowed them to stay in sole possession of first place too.

And I’m just wonder what Harper is going to do next. The good news is that at the rate he’s going it’s likely going to happen tonight.