Chris Sale, Matt Moore Match-up for Strikeout Showdown on Memorial Day

Around the time you were throwing your burgers and beer soaked brats on the grill to officially kick-off the summer, Chris Sale started summer for all of us by striking out 15 Tampa Bay Rays. Matt Moore countered with 10 of his own.

The reason this was special was it figures to be the first of several match-ups between two American League power pitchers that goes into the next decade. Both of these guys are young, and there will be more showdowns like this. Also, if you look at Sale closely; does he not resemble a young Randy Johnson? Just a little bit?

It also matched a season-high equaled by Max Scherzer (15 strikeouts of his own a few weeks back). When someone gets 15 K’s as a starting pitcher, it’s big news. It’s headline grabbing. You get ESPN alert texts about it.

The White Sox also won the game 2-1, which is good for all South Side fans.