Nice to See: Adam Dunn Goes Deep on Opening Day

Adam Dunn tied Frank Robinson and his former teammate Ken Griffey Jr. today when he hit his 8th career Opening Day home run against the Texas Rangers.

The White Sox still lost the game 3-2. But maybe this is the start of a revival for Adam Dunn. After all, he’s not going to have his appendix out again to rattle a hot start. And maybe he’ll have the year he was supposed to have last season.

Same swing, same trot, albeit a few pounds lighter. Same old Dunner. Doing his thing in game one, making you believe at least for a day or so that he could hit 162 long ones. This is one blogger who won’t be surprised one bit to see Adam Dunn get back to his old ways of 35 and 100 even if the Sox end up being a bad team.