Arte Moreno belongs in some type of Scarface Sequel (GQ Interviews Moreno)

Arte Moreno has enough money to buy you, make you dance a jig for his amusement, sell you for thirty cents on the dollar, buy you back, have you killed, and then have you made into some amusing little tinker-toy.

And GQ got a rare interview with the Angels owner today:

GQ: Is there concern about paying him $30 million when he’s 41 years old?
Arte Moreno: Someone else asked me this, and I said, “I’ll tell you something: If he’s healthy enough and he’s playing for us, then I’m gonna just say, ‘Merry Christmas to all baseball fans,’” because we get to see one of the best players of our generation coming to bat.

I hope Pujols plays until he’s 41 but there’s a good chance by then the Angels will be looking for a mulligan on this contract like most teams do that sign an aging player to a deal like they did with Pujols.

I’d also recommend checking out Halo Hangout’s take on the interview. It’s headed up by our boy MJ Lloyd and it’s a pretty good long view on the Angels. What I can’t figure out is why ESPN didn’t capitalize on the interest the Angels will draw and start an Angels blog similar to ‘The Heat Index’.

Since there’s nothing like that–if you want the pulse of the Angels lockerroom this season we would say your best bet is to check out what MJ is saying about them. Plus he’ll publish more dick jokes than ESPN would.