The D-Train’s Final Stop

I’ve always enjoyed Dontrelle Willis.

There aren’t enough rags to riches stories in baseball anymore. Willis’ 2003 and 2005 were phenomenal. He had other years where on any given night that he took the bump he could swing that high leg kick in the air and shut down the opposition on call.

It feels like this is the end for the man they call the D-Train. And if it is, Willis should be alright with what he accomplished and the place marker in this game’s great history that he’ll always occupy.

He won a World Series. He finished 2nd in a Cy Young. He won 22 games in a season once. He was twice an All-Star. We would guess that Willis will kick around and find an opportunity somewhere else as he did with the Reds last season. But if indeed we’ve seen the last of Dontrelle Willis, it was a lot of fun while it lasted and we appreciate a guy who seemed to realize that the magic-carpet ride could end at any moment.