Reds Agree to two-year deal with Jose Arredondo

I’m really bullish on Jose Arredondo. I am telling you, the guy can flat out pitch and you’re going to see it in the not too distant future. About the time the Reds are closing out the NL Central this season and getting ready to earn their pennant flag to decorate the ballpark, Arredondo will have emerged as a key cog in the Reds bullpen. I think he’s the set-up man in waiting and I also believe he’s going to be the designated ‘save vulture’ in the Reds pen.

The Reds agreed to a two-year compact with terms undisclosed with the Dominican born right-hander yesterday to avoid arbitration.

Sometimes it just takes time for a seed to grow. The Reds went out and signed Arredondo a couple winters ago coming off his 2008 in which he had a 1.62 ERA in 61 innings with the Angels, knowing that he would need Tommy John surgery. Arredondo had the Tommy John, missed a year recuperating and then returned last year to post a 3.53 ERA in 53 innings for the Reds. The road back from Tommy John is  slow one but this guy flat out has the stuff to be a big time arm for the Reds over the next few seasons.

Again, I’m bullish on Arredondo. He will be an impact guy in the Queen City.