Pete Rose on Joey Votto being a Red beyond 2014

While perusing the different Reds sites around the net, I recently found Pete Rose’s opinion on Joey Votto’s future with the Reds over at Reds Country.

“I’ve got to believe (Reds owner) Bob Castellini wants to keep him, because nobody wants to win more than Bob,” Rose said. “(After all the recent movement by big-name first baseman), it’s not such a great time to be a first baseman and a free agent. They all want (and are getting) long-term deals.

“But there are only so many clubs out there with that kind of money to spend,” Rose said. “California has (Albert) Pujols, the Yankees have (Mark) Teixeira, and somebody’s going to get Prince Fielder. I don’t know that Joey wants to go to Chicago and be a Cub. I think the Reds will try to keep him, and they might be able to, because there might not be the money out here for him somewhere else.”


Ah, but Pete; you’re forgetting to mention that Votto knows of the territory north of the border. I truly believe there’s nothing more the Blue Jays would like than to have homegrown Canadians Brett Lawrie and Joey Votto manning the corners of their infield. And if there is any type of hometown discount for Votto to give someone  we would suggest it’s going to be given to the Blue Jays–not the Reds.

Really it’s all just conjuncture and speculation at this point. But anytime you can plug in a Pete Rose picture like the one I found above on your website, you do it and you move quickly.