Buster Posey Will Play First Base Some in 2012

Finally an MLB team does something that I’ve been crying to see for a while. From that nifty NBC Bay Area site:

According to Brian Sabean and Bruce Bochy in Dallas at MLB’s Winter Meetings, we could see plenty of Buster Posey at first base … and some Pablo Sandoval behind the plate.


“On the days Buster needs a day off period and wouldn’t be a first baseman or catcher, Pablo could catch [Barry] Zito starts to get more offense in the lineup and he’s open to that,” Sabean said, per Jaymee Sire of Comcast Bay Area. “Now whether that happens I don’t know but it’s been discussed.”

One step forward, two steps back.

How about this; these guys are your two best hitters. Just play them at first and third base and throw a tarp behind the dish in the form of a .220 hitter that can throw out the occasional base stealer and not screw things up too badly with their garage full of Caddilac’s that is their pitching staff.

The only thing that can stop offensive talent like Sandoval and Posey are injuries. Otherwise you’re going to wind them up and get a decade of .315 to .330 seasons in the middle of your lineup. Just put them on the corners and let them hit. Don’t waste them by using them both as catchers. Is Bruce Bochy clueless on this because he was a catcher?

This is the exact reason that when I started my franchise with the Giants on MLB the Show, I had Buster Posey at first and even sometimes shortstop. Yes, shortstop. I am an innovative MLB the Show manager.