I missed them, forever

If you’ve visited my site for any length of time; you probably have noticed my tributes and references to different Guns n’ Roses songs. I feel they were the kings of rock. There is none higher.

They were in Cincinnati last night. This is their first US tour in five years. I planned on going down to see the show last night. I’m not a huge concert guy, but I’ve wanted to see them live my entire life. It’s on my ‘bucket list’ so to speak.

Instead of going to the concert which would have been about a two hour drive, I drove two hours in a different direction to pick up a friend and bail him out of jail. Plans change sometimes.

I fear now that I’ll never see the greatest rock band that has ever roamed the earth. I’ve missed them forever. It looks like things went off well last evening–and Axl didn’t try to fight anyone in the US Bank Arena crowd. Maybe I can’t sleep right now because I know that I missed out on doing something on my bucket list to help a friend who had no one else to help him. Maybe I’ll get another chance at GnR somehow. Maybe they were just always meant to be an element of my grand illusion and something that I never actually got to experience live.

As of an hour ago, they’re chasing groupies who attended the show last night. Oh to be a rock star.