The Cincinnati Reds should still play The Boys Are Back in Town after home runs

I heard this song at lunch today and the thought occurred to me: do you guys realize it’s been a while since the Reds played this song at Great American Ballpark after a Reds player homers?

I want this brought back immediately. It’s just one of those traditions that I enjoyed that came with an era and I wasn’t ready to let it go. Tell me someone remembers this?

*And as a footnote, of all places that I could have heard this classic jam, I was at Skyline Chilli. Now I must return to work and hate myself for the remaining hours here at my desk. It is impossible to eat Skyline Chilli and feel good about yourself for the next day or two. It’s so great for about 15 minutes that you’re indulging yourself, immediately followed by self-pity.

Nonetheless Reds, please get this song back on the loud speaks at GABP after Reds players hit bombs.