A Couple hideous iPhone pictures from Friday Night in Cleveland

Here’s some proof that I was present this past Friday evening when the Reds blew a 4-run lead from Travis Wood (who had a no-hitter going through 5 and 1/3) and lost the game 5-4.

I have more pics with my real camera–which isn’t much better than the iPhone; but the batteries died and I cannot restore the camera and upload the pics that capture the magic of this blown-lead loss until I obtain some more batteries. And let’s face it, I am a lazy typical guy who that will take weeks to do. As long as there is mustard and cheese in the fridge, I’m not going out and buying anything.

Got down to Progressive Field a little bit early and got to see the Reds take some batting practice. I yelled at Dusty, and when I was getting ready to holler at him some more my buddy Justin told me to grow up and quit acting like a little kid.

This is the front row at Jacobs Field/Progressive Field sponsored by Mercedes. Believe it or not, we had front row seats lined up for yesterday’s game and the fiance and I were a little too hung over to make the 2 hour drive and sit in the hot sun all day. It’s too bad because we could have seen the 12-4 drubbing to complete the sweep.

After the game Friday evening, the Indians organization put on Frank Sinatra Fireworks Night. I guess it was pretty cool, but I wasn’t much in the mood to sit around and watch fireworks after the loss. I wanted to escape with the shrivel of dignity I had and get the Hell out of Cleveland.