Throwing it around

Just one more day until the weekend. Anyone else read about the May 21st weirdness? I’ll say this, I don’t buy it but it definitely should make us all think that whatever it is you believe in–it might be time to get more in touch with it. Let this Saturday serve as a reminder that every day we’re here is a good day, and it’s a beautiful life we live. I saw a billboard driving to lunch the other day that said “5.21.11 – The End of the World”. Kind of freaked me out. So if we’re two days from Rapture, this could be one of the last times we throw it around the baseball interwebs. Somehow I find that hard to believe.

-The evolution of Dusty Baker’s handling of pitching staffs. [Baseball Prospectus]
-A clubhouse convo with Matt Joyce. [Next Level Ballplayer]
-It’s time to admire Jose Bautista’s greatness. [ESPN SweetSpot]
-Is Ubaldo Jimenez going to bounce back? [FanGraphs]
-Will the new Houston Astros owner really do what is necessary to turn the franchise back around? [Ultimate Astros]
-Steve Berthiaume loves MLB the Show. [ESPN]
-Jake Peavy is not quite done yet. [ESPN Chicago]

*Also, if you haven’t done it yet; make sure you’re voting for MLB All-Stars. It makes you more of a fan. So if you’re bored at lunch, vote 25 times for Bruce, Votto, and Brandon Phillips. Or whoever you want to see at the Mid-Summer Classic.