After a month of baseball, your MLB Home Run Leader is…. Alfonso Soriano?

Last night I had the Cubs and Dodgers on my gamecast only to see how Clayton Kershaw threw (he’s counting heavily for me right now in a few fantasy baseball leagues) and I realized something upon him getting touched up for a homer in the 1st inning by Alfonso Soriano. What is that ’11’ next to Alfonso Soriano’s name?

No, it couldn’t be. They don’t mean he’s hit 11 home runs already this season. But they would have to mean that wouldn’t they? Is this the same Alfonso Soriano that’s been left for dead by so many including myself?

It’s true. In this bizarro world baseball season, Alfonso Soriano for the time being has found the fountain of youth and at age 35, leads the majors by jumping out to 11 home runs. He’s even money to break down at some point in the season–which could be a factor that keeps him from truly jumping off the page over the course of the long grind that is almost a 200 game season. He’s also only hitting .267 at the time of this post so maybe that’s why I’m not hearing about him as much as you usually would with a guy with those type of power numbers. Plus he’s on the Cubs, and they’re abhorrent.

Oh, as a footnote. Kershaw grabbed his third win of the season and that Andre Ethier guy extended his hitting streak to 28 games in this same ballgame.