Your Saturday Baseball Open Thread

Do yourself a favor and hit play on that above. Do you know what that is from? Listen hard. Still need a hint or two? Mel Allen. Saturdays as a kid. What was better than waking up on a Saturday (if for some reason you weren’t playing yourself), catching This Week in Baseball, and then watching the national game of the week?

I should be at the park in Cincinnati today, but I passed my flu along to my fiance so we’re stuck here in Columbus. I have all my fantasy team horses rolling today (King Felix, Kershaw, Hamels, Latos, Braden, Gavin Floyd) and the Braves and Mets play a double header. Some pretty good games on my watch list.

So enjoy your baseball Saturday if indeed you’re lounging around the house like me. Feel free to add any observations or discussion in the comments. Because that’s what rainy Saturdays in the spring should be all about.

Oh and in case you missed it, Gigantosaur did this and this last night while you were sleeping or out at the local spirits tavern. We had a feeling he wouldn’t stay down long.