Since it’s a Friday, a Tommy Lasorda Rant to ring in the weekend

Since it’s a Friday, and I’m immensely immature; we figured it would be a good time to air this one. It’s one of our favorite characters Tom Lasorda. And he’s going 6’s and 7’s crazy for the entire clip. We don’t know what it is about an Italian man going wild on a reporter that makes it so funny–but you have to admit–you grin or smile hearing him go off.

And it might just be my immaturity coming into play here, but I actually work with a guy named T.J., and I’ve wanted to dial his extension all day long and hold the phone up to the speaker at about the 4:00 mark to see how he reacts.

If you’re listening to this and waiting for it to get exciting, you’ve just got to wait until the 3:30 or 3:45ish mark for Tommy to really get rolling.

Best Lasorda quote possibly ever, at 0:22

Tell you what I think about it. I think that is very very bad for that man to make an accusation like that. That is terrible. I have never ever since Ive managed ever told a pitcher to throw at anybody. Nor will I ever. And if I ever did, I certainly wouldnt make him throw at a F*** .130 hitter like LeFay or f**** Bevacqua who couldnt hit water if he fell out of a f**** boat.

Tom Lasorda, ladies and gentleman. Thank you for your continued support of Diamond Hoggers. Happy Friday.