Bryce Harper is on Twitter

When I first saw it, I thought it was faux. But I have to say now that I’ve had a little time to examine the photo and the people he’s tweeting with, Bryce Harper (aka ‘BHarp34‘) has joined twitter.

To date he’s only got 568 followers. So the hysteria hasn’t caught fire yet. But this is more confirmation that Bryce knows he is going to be a star. Think about it. It’s Harper exuding confidence and basically calling his shot that he’s in his ascent to the Major Leagues.

No minor league ballplayer who flames out joins twitter and picks up a bunch of followers only to go out and hit .168 in AA ball. Harper’s on his way. And hopefully he can pick up a few more followers before he arrives at the MLB level. We also doubt this twitter will still be going then for one reason or another.