No means No, Lenny

“The woman told investigators she “needed the job and the money so she went along with the suspect’s requests rather than lose her job,” according to the filing, and “returned to work in the suspect’s home with knowledge that she obtained from the Internet of a claim of sexual assault by another woman.”

According to prosecutors, the woman did not report the alleged assaults until after Dykstra failed to pay her $2,000 he owed her. Investigators found text messages from the woman to Dykstra demanding the money and asking for her job back.” [LA Now]

And what’s next for Lenny Dykstra? Honestly, he’s sunken pretty low and you have to wonder if this ends with him trying to hang himself. It’s a good thing he’s an ex-Pro athlete because if he wasn’t there is a good chance he would lack the self confidence to overcome all of the crap that he’s been through in the past year or two. Good luck to you, Nails. And for Gods sakes just eliminate women from the equation. It’s not working.