It's winning time this weekend

Last night I was asked by someone how long it’s been since the Reds have won a division title. I replied that it’s been since 1995. It’s been 15 long years. Say that to yourself. It’s really been 15 long years and I was really 11 years old the last time the Reds were in this position. So much flashed before my eyes as I replied.

With the magic number sitting at 3; this could be the weekend the Reds clinch. My gut feeling tells me it will be Sunday afternoon while I’m most likely flipping back and forth between football. Sunday will be the day, my gut is right more often than not. Although in a perfect world, the Reds would clinch on FOX Saturday baseball tomorrow afternoon (which I won’t see either because I’m at a wedding all day–DVR set).

Either way, this is really going to happen. Say it to yourself, and believe it. These guys are really going to play postseason games.

As I said at the beginning of the season, it would be monumental for this young group to get the experience of a real pennant chase. They not only did that, but they arrived ‘a year ahead of schedule’ and are going to win the whole damn thing!

I think back to everything that has came to pass in the 15 years of futility (and yes, we had 1999 but that group was an motley crew and deflated down the stretch to completely miss the playoffs). I think about my grandmother who passed away in 2006. She would have loved this team.

This has been an incredible year, and a second season is upon us because of it. Whenever the Reds do clinch this thing, work hard to soak it all in as much as possible. I know that many people say things to make you think that this team will be good for a decade; and that’s possible. But all we’re guaranteed is right now and today. This 2010 Reds team has scratched and clawed hard to provide us with that much.

And if it happens this weekend and we clinch underneath that San Diego, California sun? Sure, the wait has been long and unjust. But we made it.