Charles Nagy tips well, hits on the help at Bar Louie

My fiance started telling me tonight about famous guys here in Columbus (there’s only a few of them) who frequent her workplace, Bar Louie. Before you make a wise-ass crack, she’s in school. She isn’t going to be in the restaurant industry forever like most of her co-workers. So get bent.

She tells me about the Columbus Clippers pitching coach who comes in and hits on them all of the time. I take a few wrong guesses and she replies with “No, he used to play for the Indians. He’s like 45 years old.”

I do a little research, and sure enough; it’s Chuck Nagy. The ace who was never enough of one to get the Indians that elusive World Series ring. But I guess he tips really well! So that’s good to know.

In case you were wondering, the Clippers team ERA this season was 4.25, so there’s some work to be done there. They also yielded a 142 home runs, 3rd worst in the IL. Very Nagy-esque.

Some things never change.