Jay Bruce is hurt bad

Jay Bruce took batting practice today. Honestly, it’s all pretty discouraging once again. Which was predictable. As I have said since the beginning of this, it’s not good. Bruce is obviously hurt more then the Reds have let on since day one, and you can speculate as you want; but we say there’s a reason for that. We also say that there is no guarantee that Bruce is back during the regular season, or at all.

Bruce was only swinging at about 50, 60 percent. He mostly lined balls through the middle. He was not under any constraint from the trainers.

“But common sense tells you not to let it eat the first day,” he said. “We’ll see how I feel tomorrow.”

The soonest Bruce will be back in the lineup is Friday when the Reds return home. But he would not commit to that.

“I can’t say a day,” he said. “If I did, I’d be lying. Most importantly, I’ll be back when I’m ready.”

You’d be lying, Jay? Was it a lie when you told C. Trent Rosecrans that you were ‘fine’ the first night you were not in the lineup? Here we are two weeks later, and you’re still ‘fine’. Just be forthcoming about it.

This is extremely frustrating.