Will Carroll and Baseball Prospectus got me

Today for the first time ever I paid for a subscription to the online Baseball Prospectus. And I’ll admit, Will Carroll sold me perfectly on twitter; I wanted to read about Jay Bruce’s oblique/abdominal injury. And today’s Under the Knife column got me to dole out the $4.95 (that’s a grilled chicken breast at Wholefoods!) for the month’s worth of baseball reading.

And needless to say, Carroll writes about a lot of injuries around the game and gives what I assume is an estimated return date for said player. He is an excellent baseball writer and his credentials speak for himself. But confirmed for me was nothing I didn’t already have the tools to confirm myself about this Bruce injury (and I won’t spoil the fun for any of you non-subscribers).

Now I’ve got a month to read BP and see if anything interesting pops up that makes me want to sign up for another month.

Hey, at least I can use it as a tax write-off if I don’t get too lazy to do so.