Aroldis Chapman brings out Matthew Lecroy's inner woman

Last night, I saw the fear in Matthew Lecroy’s eyes as he tried to fend off, fight, scratch, and claw through an at-bat with the 6 foot 6 Cuban flamethrower on the mound.

You could see that this man was no longer a Major League Baseball player but a man who was fighting for mere survival and his only weapon in this jungle was a toothpick. It was something you could only understand if you’ve played for a while but I know how he felt; to a degree.

Lucroy knew he was absolutely shit on the moment he stepped foot in the box and nothing in his arsenal could do anything to combat what the Cuban lefthander had in his. If he’d faced Chapman 100 times out of 100, he’d only have been able to break a few bats and the tears would have started flowing.

After a slider that headed for the back foot of Lecroy dropped in, it was over. He’d been shit on and made into less of a man. And you saw the look of helplessness in his eyes that a 104 MPH fastball and a plus-plus slider does to a big league hitter. He looked like Matthew Lecroy, little league piss-ant.

And it was awesome.