Arizona Swept to begin Reds West Coast Trip

[Box Score]

Ramon Hernandez hit a 3-run BOMB last night to put the Reds up early 3-0, and Jay Bruce hit #56 of his career to make it a 4-0 lead in the 4th inning. This is a lead that we would not relinquish.

I tweeted last night after the win that I see us heading to the playoffs. Last night is a game that for so many years the Reds would have found a way to lose. They went in last night like it was like any other night and just handled their business for their second consecutive sweep. I don’t care who it was against, it’s hard to get a sweep at the Major League level. You realize there’s jobs on the line here; many of them. It’s not easy to get a sweep.

Right now the Reds hitters are squaring the ball on the barrel like something I haven’t seen in a while. Travis Wood continues to marvel me out there. His control is so good, and 93 MPH is quite a thing from the left handed side. This should be your rotation for the rest of the season, the one you see now.

Back to the playoff talk. It’s hardly premature. Down the stretch the Reds have the softest schedule in the National League. The Cardinals play 40 games in 41 days. The Reds have a 3.5 game cushion. The ticket to the playoffs is almost punched barring a monumental collapse.

I think as a fan I’m really starting to realize what’s going on here and the team that I follow might not be yet. This is a good thing. It’s on to Los Angeles to see how the Reds deal with the next challenge.

Oh yea, and an oldie but a goodie that I heard at the bar last night. It’s your Reds win song of the game: