Now THAT is Pennant Race Baseball

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So this is what a pennant race feels like? The Reds really went out and responded last night with a precious little victory. They’d just been swept by the St. Louis Cardinals. They had to face one of the best pitchers in the National League and perhaps all of baseball in the Marlins Josh Johnson. You figure it would be alright to start a slide; but the Reds didn’t back down. In the end, no matter what happens and what the ultimate fate of this group is; you have to hope that this group somewhat sticks together for a few years and you have to admire they character of this upstart group that simply doesn’t quit.

They might drive us crazy, but for the most part they’re likable. For the most part they’re grinders. This is a pennant race, and they’re now just a game out of the NL Central and a half game out of of the Wild Card race. They’ve had this experience, they’ve played meaningful games; and no one can take what they’ve done to this point away from them.

Jay Bruce singled off Josh Johnson, got a run in on a fielders choice (see Rolen’s great slide above), and homered off lefty Taylor Tankersley. A bomb to dead center field. It was a 35 game homer-less streak for Jay Bruce, the longest of his career.

Mike Stanton homered twice in this game. That’s an impressive youngster right there for the Marlins.

Now, the Reds have to make one final push. There’s 116 games played, and 46 to go. It’s time to let it all hang out and let what you finish with speak for itself. These last 46 will decide where this team spends eternity. In a lot of ways it’s hard to believe that it’s really mid-August and we’re really in this thing.

Song that needs played over the loud speaker at a ballpark near you of course: