Throwing it around

Look at some of these pitchers we’ve got around the league right now. Jimenez, Strasburg, Halladay, King Felix, Johnny Cueto (I’m grouping him in there), Chris Carpenter, Adam Wainwright, and so forth. Hitters don’t have a chance! Today, we’ll throw you some good links and continue waiting for the 4th of July, which is the omega point of every summer.

-Jay Bruce reaches Super 2 status a year earlier then most prospects his age. [MLB Trade Rumors]
-How about an Adam Dunn to the Chicago White Sox deal? [Chicago Sun Times]
-Dustin Pedroia is out six weeks. Boo fucking hoo. Just go buy a new second baseman. [Sports Illustrated]
-The Detroit Tigers are in first place after last night’s win over Liriano and the Twins. [TigerBlog]
-The Reds took a piece of Kyle Kendrick’s ass last night. [Balls, Sticks & Stuff]
-The Atlanta Braves finally got to Stephen Strasburg last evening. [Yahoo AP]
-Can Jamie Moyer crawl to 300 wins? [Hardball Talk]
-Jason Heyward, to the DL. [USA Today Daily Pitch]