Well played, Indians

Leave it to an organization; especially one in pro sports, to spin things how they want when it’s convienent for them. The following anecdote will provide one instance in which an MLB team is completely full of shit.

I’m in several fantasy baseball leagues. A couple of them are for money. I personally thought that Grady Sizemore; if healthy, would have a huge year this season and restore his star status. The only question to me was if he was healthy.

During one of my fantasy baseball drafts, Sizemore is on the board in round two and into round three. One of the guys in my league has a connection with someone deep in the Indians front office. We’re not talking a ticket sales rep here. This person knows everything that’s going on with everyone.

I say to my friend: “Ask ____________ how Sizemore is doing, health-wise. If he’s doing well, he’s going to be my pick.”

He asks, and the member of the Indians front office whom I will not name, aw what the heck. It’s Bob Dibiasio, vice president of Public Relations. Well, Bobby D tells us that “Grady has never looked better.”

With that, I take Sizemore in every league that I am a member except one.

And now I see the latest word on Grady Sizemore from Rotoworld:
Sizemore will require surgery on his left knee, the Indians’ official site reports. The Indians said that Sizemore first hurt his knee in spring training and had been playing through the pain before aggravating the injury in Baltimore on May 16.

Before the season, PR guy tells me that he’s never looked better. Now that Grady is hurt and out for the year, let’s save some face and tell the public that he was playing hurt and injured himself worse.

It’s all bullshit and conjecture at this point. Who knows what to believe. But one lesson that rings through in all of this is that you should never, ever, ever trust anything that surrounds the city of Cleveland. Nothing good can come of it.