It’s Great to be an American on Memorial Day Weekend

When I was a kid the only holidays that I gave a shit about were Christmas and Thanksgiving. Those were the ones where I left with keepsakes. I guess Easter was in there too, but a far-behind third.
Memorial Day to me was heading over to grandma’s to meet up with a small part of the family and watching a bunch of elders argue about meaningless shit and eat egg salad sandwiches (and I hated them too). I was too young to appreciate the fruits that this country bears us, and it wasn’t like 4th of July where you get to watch shit explode and throw party poppers at girls.

The one thing I always liked about Memorial Day was that ESPN always put baseball on all day long. There was nothing better as a kid. It usually came on the heels of a weekend that I would play in 4 or 5 games myself. I was in heaven in that aspect.

Now that I’m a big boy–and by big boy I should clarify–a 27 year old who stays up til almost 4 am on some work nights because I cannot pull myself away from Playstation 3 or MLB the Show 10; I realize that Memorial day is what it’s all about.
While this country isn’t perfect and I’ll stop short of offending my readers who like the ‘leader’ of the country; it’s still a pretty damn good place to be.

When my team loses, I get on twitter and I bitch about it. I come on this blog and I say what I want and I vent until I am no longer angry. It seems like the worst thing in the world that day, that Coco Cordero couldn’t get 3 outs to send my whiny little ass home happy in the 9th or that Jay Bruce or Scott Rolen wore the collar. You know what? There’s bigger problems in the world. People died so I could act like a big whine-baby over something as simple as a baseball game. When I think about that–and it does cross my mind on weekends like this one–I feel like a dumb ass.

But that’s what makes this country great. I won’t go all cliche but the men who died for our freedom so we could sit in the sun, watch baseball, have cookouts, and lay by the pool with a cool drink doesn’t go without notice by me. Let this post signify my appreciation for the guys a lot braver then I am for giving me those freedoms. Shit, we couldn’t have enough Memorial Days. I say let’s have one each quarter.

I’m only kidding.

Summer is officially kicked off. Veteran fans like to say that standings and stats don’t count until Memorial Day; so we’re about there. And hey, what do you know? My team is in first.

I’m damn supportive of the troops and I’m glad to be an American, especially on this weekend. So when I drink a cold beer or two, or a spiked iced tea, I am so very glad that I was blessed enough to be born in this country that’s a little bit like me. A work in progress that is still a hell of a thing to be part of.

Happy Memorial Day. Be safe out there Hoggers.