Throwing it around

Mid-week for us all. Picked up the game Red Dead Redemption for PS3, and I’m telling you right now if you want to keep your relationship with your woman and your job; don’t buy this game. Then you realize you’ve got a baseball blog to run and you really should spend less time hunting black bears and coyotes in the Old West. Here’s today’s finest baseball reads:

-Hanley Ramirez’s reputation is taking a hit nationally. [Palm Beach Post]
-Catcher Jarrod Saltamacchia is in the minor leagues because he can’t throw the ball back to the pitcher. Serious. [ESPN]
-David Price is rolling along this season. [DRays Bay]
-My streak is at 11 heading into tonight. I’m gonna roll with Martin Prado. [Beat the Streak]
-Some good photos from yesterday’s big win from a Reds blog I enjoy a lot. [Better off Red]
-Chipper Jones offered to give up the 3 hole for Jason Heyward. [The Sporting News]
-Alex Gordon can still hit AAA pitching. [Hardball Talk]
-If you want to see a liveblog of Stephen Strasburg’s start tonight, check it out [Nationals Journal]
-Zach Greinke, still gettin’ nothin’. [Baseball Musings]