Another reason it's completely OK to hate the Phillies for the rest of time

In the Phillies season preview, I came off a little snide about my thoughts on Philadelphia Phillies fans. Some might have thought that, but I just call it accurate. And wouldn’t you know it wouldn’t take long for a Phillies fan to prove me right.
Meet Matthey Clemmens. Matthew; who was probably sporting an Utley t-shirt jersey; aparently was also attending a game with a belly full of cheap booze. And things got out of hand from there.
A New Jersey man is facing charges after police say he intentionally vomited on an 11-year-old girl and her father in the stands during a Phillies game.
Twenty-one-year-old Matthew Clemmens, of Cherry Hill, N.J., was arraigned Friday on charges stemming from his behavior at Wednesday night’s Phillies-Nationals game.
Police say Clemmens made himself vomit on an off-duty police captain and his daughter after a companion was kicked out for unruly behavior.
Easton police Capt. Michael Vangelo says he saw Clemmens put his fingers down his throat. Philadelphia police say Clemmens also punched Vangelo and vomited on an arresting
Clemmens is in custody on charges including assault and harassment. Bail is $12,000. His listed phone number is disconnected.
Obviously it’s beyond rhetoric that this guy is a real beauty. And honestly fuck the Phillies and their fan base full of belligerent turds like Matthew. And as for guys like Polanco, Werth, Utley, Victorino and Howard; they can all get fucked in the pants too. I’m tired of Philadelphia and all of their journeyman players who suddenly blossom into studs.