Adam Dunn haters won't like this post

So did any of you see the list of the Top 100 Players of the Decade compiled by Rob Neyer over at ESPN?

I constantly come across Reds fans who want to discredit Adam Dunn; but the bottom line is Dunn was the only Cincinnati Reds player to even make the list.
And I know a good player when I see one. A guy who has long-term presence in the big leagues. Dunn should have been ranked on the list higher then #79 (Bartolo Colon had a better decade? C’mon).
Bottom line? Reds fans can hate all they want and say that Dunn was ‘terrible in left field’ (that’s all they’ve got), but the guy was the most relevant part of this franchise for the past 15 years or so. No one aside from Dunn was worth the rest of the baseball world caring about; this list is further proof.
So when Adam Dunn is a Hall of Famer someday with his 500 to 600 clean home runs, you remember that Diamond Hoggers told you all along the guy was a hell of a ballplayer. Reds never should have let him walk out of town.