Doc on our Favorite Player

Paul Daugherty of the Cincinnati media is one of our favorite writers, and we don’t share that sentiment with everyone.

He wrote a really nice article on Jay Bruce and here he sums it up on his blog:

Writing Jay Bruce for the Traditional Media. Here’s what I’m seeing from this team, and Bruce epitomizes it: A maturity, a self-awareness, for lack of a better term. The crucial, young vets know what they don’t know. That’s different from last year and the year before, when players like Bruce, Bailey and Cueto didnt know what they didnt know. The game has humbled them, smartened them. They get it now. Sooner or later, if everyone stays relatively healthy and the minds stay right, this is going to be a pretty good team. Maybe not this year. But they’re close.

Read the column on Bruce here. It’s a great read. And it’s basically what we said when his injury occurred last July. The adversity Bruce faced last year is only going to make him a better player long-term.