Throwing it around

We’re under the 30 day mark (28 days) until Opening Day around Major League Baseball. The team previews are underway and we’re starting to make headway with which direction we’ll head with our season’s predictions. We’ve got a little time to kill but it’s going to go fast. Thank God that Wrestlemania 26 is going to be strong this year… don’t laugh.

-Pablo Sandoval hasn’t begun negotiating a long-term deal with the Giants as of yet. [SF Gate]
-Jacoby Ellsbury hasn’t been approached about an extension either. [Full Count]
-Jay Bruce helps out the Harlem Globetrotters. [Jay Bruce’s Blog]
-Michael Young’s chances at 3,000 hits. [The Ranger Rundown]
-Russell Martin is out for 4 to 6 weeks, get him cheap in your fantasy drafts. [LA Times]
-Reds had their first rain-out in Goodyear yesterday. [The Real Mccoy]
-Bug Selig says the Reds deserve an All-Star game. []