Just to wet your Donny from Newark appetite

You might have forgotten about our friend Donny from Newark, but just when you think he’s gone you get reminded that he is indeed everywhere.

And he’ll return from vacation just in time for Spring Training 2010.

In the meantime, you really have to take this video all in. If you’ve been to New Jersey, you know guys that act like this. I’m not talking about all of Jersey. I love Jersey. Especially Pork-Rolls and South Jersey, and many parts of Central Jersey. But there are enough of these guys above in Jersey that; you know what I mean. They’re out there.

I’ve dated a Jersey girl for over six years now. I’ve met more of these little assuming guidos then you can shake a stick at. And thus was how Donny from Newark was born.

Hardly a new video, but a classic that is so true, it must be in the archives forever. Jaega-bombs!