Joe Posnanski doesn’t give Cincinnati any respect

Joe Posnanski has written some good stories for Sports Illustrated, his write-up on Zach Greinke last season was a really good read. Posnanski is generally considered one of the most esteemed baseball writers out there today. He might be the next Tom Verducci; who’s a pretty good baseball writer.

And on JoeBlog he gives his own fresh and unique MLB takes. Today’s gives you early MLB predictions.

I always have loved seeing these season prediction threads, and we’ll have our own on Diamond Hoggers soon enough. But it’s going to be interesting to see how the all-knowing Joe Pos comes out with some of his predictions. Namely, the NL Central.

He calls Colby Rasmus and Andrew Mccutchen the most exciting young players in the division. And he says Reds will finish 77-85 and struggle to score runs. And of all the good young arms we have, he decides to go mainstream with Wainwright (agreed), Carpenter, and Ryan Dempster 1-2-and 3.

Little respect from an Ohio guy.

Hopefully he’s as accurate on this as he was about the Cleveland Cavaliers last season. Oh, wait.