It's time to quit those old bad habits

So last night I’m thinking about the fact that it’s 2010 now. And soon thereafter of course I’m thinking about my new years resolutions.

I started this nasty little habit back in oh….. 2001. Basically when I first stepped on a field playing college baseball. That means I’ve got almost a decade of chewing pure shit behind me now. And that makes me a little bit sick.

I’ve come to the realization that no matter how much I love baseball and chewing, it’s time to leave this old habit behind. It’s time to find a way to quit and quit for good. It’s time to quit while I’ve still got my dignity and my jaw.

You know what sucks? I really enjoy having a nice hog-leg. Friends and old teammates who have quit will say that there is no positive that comes from having a chew. That’s bullshit. There’s plenty of times in which it serves as an oasis. As my glass of wine.

There’s truly nothing better then getting to your seats at the ballgame and throwing in a dip before first pitch. That’s when this addiction is going to really kick me in the balls. That will be the true test of whether or not I’ve let this old habit die in my past. But there are other times in which I love it as well.

I love doing it when I make sales calls. I love doing it when I’m driving. When I’m playing video games. When I am writing a post on this blog. Thank goodness my studying days are long behind me. Watching the NFL Playoffs, yup; no better time for a dip.

Not to mention it’s good during a night of drinking. It’s good when you’ve got a hangover. It’s good when you’re trying to hold off from having a late-night snack.

For the last decade, throwing in a pinch of Skoal (or Copenhagen) has been one of my favorite hobbies. After I polish off this remaining pinch or two of my Skoal Wintergreen (and I hate Wintergreen), it’s time to say goodbye to my fair lady.

This is going to be one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. It’s not going to be pretty. But it’s either quit or most likely become a statistic. I know what needs done. I’ve already cheated on my biggest New Years Resolution by chewing the last several days. Keep your fingers crossed for us, and wish us luck.

[Hat tip: Our buddy George for his iPhone Skoal cache desk pic at his old job]