"You give em a little shit about Golf Your Way and I’ll tie it up from there"

Another classic from YouTube that if you haven’t seen you’re only cheating yourself, as there’s some really good bits in here.

So here we have legendary college basketball head coach Bobby Knight; and I always thought to myself while watching this video ‘so why in the hell did they drag Knight out there and make him drudge through an instructional golf video’. It’s obvious that Knight is a novice at the sport (hear him say ‘if you’re a fuckin bad golfer like me’ in the clip?).

Knight struggles through the whole thing; and grows increasingly more displeasant as the video approaches the end of it’s filming.

What it all adds up to is that we love Bobby Knight. We love everything about him. He’s just incredible. Look at that face he makes from around 8:40 mark to around the end of the video. We (we meaning me and my dipshit buddy) call that the ‘pelican brief’ look. We don’t expect you to get it, but isn’t it a funny ass pissed-look?